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Bio Natural

Master Course

Natural products are important sustainable sources of bioactive ingredients with a high potential for applications such as pharmaceuticals, dermocosmetics, medical devices and food supplements. Thus, the Master's Degree in Chemistry of Natural Bioactives - Bio.Natural, aims to provide a solid command of chemistry applied to natural products as a basic tool and essential knowledge for the promotion and application of natural bioactives. The student will also be able to specialize academically with research and innovation activities.


The Bio.Natural Master's Degree aims to train competitive, innovation-oriented specialists suitable for the development and marketing of bioactive products from natural sources. The multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to pharmaceutical sciences, with an emphasis on natural bioactives, such as computational studies, nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, biological studies, dermo-cosmetics, food supplements and entrepreneurship associated with sustainable practices, drives an enriching training in promoting the use of natural products.

Career Opportunities

  • Industry: advanced training aimed at entering the Industry in areas related to natural products such as the Pharmaceutical Industry, Cosmetic Industry, Food Industry and Agrochemical Industry.
  • Interconnected sectors: there are several professional opportunities that go beyond the main areas of industry, also encompassing Quality Control, Biotechnology, Fine Chemistry (synthesis), Chemical Analysis, Environmental Technology and Companies in Auditing, Consulting and Project Management.
  • Teaching and Research: the possibility of joining research teams and/or pursuing 3rd cycle studies (PhD) are important and relevant options for students.

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